Derek Sta. Ana

Ditto! In display, a humble dramaturgic dynamite, cast deputedly as both dupe and devil by the development of Fate. This demeanor, no mere disguise of disdain, is it dent of the detrimental populi, now devoid, defunct, as the once decisive declaration of the deed now deifies what they once denounced. However, this defiant debut of a by-gone disapprobation, stands dynamic, and has dedicated to defeat these duplicitous and deleterious dregs directing decay and descending the destructively demoralized and desirous defilement of determination. The only decree is due; a dissension, held as a discretion, not in delusion, for the desirability and definitiveness of such shall one day deliver the discerning and the devout. Deeply, this decoction of diction deviates most diffuse discourse an introduction, 

A Digital Strategist and a Creative Disciple, and so it is my very good honor to meet you and you may call me D…

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